7 Fun Facts about LeTourneau University Belcher Center

7 Fun Facts about the Belcher Center

The LeTourneau University Belcher Center is a wonderful addition to Longview and is enjoyed as a performing arts venue for all kinds of wonderful productions. We thought it would be fun to bring you some interesting facts about the Longview landmark. So here is a list…

1. The Belcher Center is so popular it welcomes over 30,000 guests every year!

2. Visiting artists say that the venue’s acoustics are near-perfect, and have compared the sound to that of Carnegie Hall in New York City.  

3. The curves and wood inside the auditorium were modeled after the inside of a violin.

4. The auditorium seats 2,011. It is also used by LeTourneau University students for chapel three times a week during the school year, so the seats get a lot of use. The staff consistently checks the seats for needed repairs or replacement of parts. When new seats are needed, they are ordered from a company all the way in Maine!

5. The Belcher Center is built of 2,884,000 pounds of steel, 459,578 bricks and over 3,515 yards of concrete. 

6. The cost to build the performing arts venue was $21.5 million and was funded primarily through private and corporate donations and grants.

7. The Belcher Center has welcomed many illustrious celebrities from all walks of life from actor/musician Rick Springfield to Dallas Cowboys Quarterback Dak Prescott.