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You may be wondering what the weather is like in Longview? We are happy to report that our weather is mild and quite enjoyable. We love that we experience a taste of all four seasons so the temperature fluctuations never grow old. Here's a little bit about the weather here throughout the year.

Beautiful red tulips growing outside

Spring in Longview means flowers in bloom, beautiful weather, and bustling activity at our parks and lakes. Temperatures in April typically range in the 60s°F, while May averages around 73°F. Rainfall averages 4.8 inches.

Hot air balloons in the sky over Longview, TexasSUMMER IN LONGVIEW

In the summer, the city is vibrant and buzzing with energy from the Great Texas Balloon Race and other special events. This is outdoor season when you’ll see lots of people out and about on our walking trails, golf courses and splash pads. Temperatures average around 82°F, while rainfall averages from 3.7 inches. August is our warmest month.

Longview Arboretum on a fall day


The city is still bustling as leaves turn to amber and gold, and temperatures start to cool. Average temperatures range from around 67°F and gradually drop closer to winter. Rainfall is about 4.3 inches.

A Longview, Texas barn with snowfall


Winters in Longview bring colder temperatures, the community tree lighting, and unique holiday traditions. The average annual snowfall is approximately 1 inch so there’s no need for snow tires! Average daily highs are around 59°F.

Visit the National Weather Service or for the latest weather information.