Parks and Outdoors

  1. Broughton Recreation Center and Park
    801 S. MLK Blvd., Longview, TX        
    903-237-1276       Website
  2. Located on the south side of Longview, this park has a splash pad, restrooms, pavilions, picnic area and grill. 
Cargill Long Park trailhead
  1. Cargill Long Trail
    3112 N. Fourth St., Longview, TX        
    903-237-1270       Website
  2. Recognized as having a Certified National Recreational Trail, Cargill Long Park is a community favorite and is located on 4th Street near Longview Regional Hospital. 
Dad jogs on Guthrie Trail with stroller
  1. Guthrie Park and Trail
    301 Tupelo, Dr., Longview, TX        
    903-237-1270       Website
  2. Located centrally in town, Guthrie Park and Trail features a picnic area, 18 hole disc golf course, tennis courts, hike/bike trail, practice backstops, and multi-use courts. 
  1. Heritage Plaza
    291 E. Methvin St., Longview, TX        
    903-237-1270       Website
  2. This downtown Longview open air plaza celebrates our city's history. Many community events are held in this brick-lined mall. 
Hinsley Park playground
  1. Hinsley Park
    3101 US 259, Longview, TX        
    903-237-1270       Website
  2. On the north side of town sits Hinsley Park with its picnic area, grill, pavilion, restrooms, play area, softball fields, multi-use courts, and water fountains. 
Disc golf at Ingram Park
  1. Ingram Park
    3101 US 259, Longview, TX        
    903-237-1270       Website
  2. Ingram Park includes two pavilions, restroom, tennis courts, play area, practice backstops, swimming pool, water fountains, water connection, multipurpose court, and a 9-hole disc golf course. 
Kids play at Jack Mann Splash Pad
  1. Jack Mann Splash Pad at Lear Park
    100 H.G. Mosley Pkwy., Longview, TX        
    903-237-1270       Website
  2. This ever-popular splash pad has three themed play areas, pavilions, and restrooms. The kids will love the brightly colored characters and the cool water features. 
Kidsview Park and the trees
  1. Kidsview Playground
    100 H.G. Mosley, Longview, TX        
    903-237-1270       Website
  2. Kidsview is a public playground filled with large interconnected play structures. It has a picnic area, five pavilions, restrooms, play area, water connection,  and includes a very popular splash pad.
Lear Park facilities
  1. Lear Park Sports Complex
    100 H.G. Mosley, Longview, TX        
    903-237-1270       Website
  2. Lear Park is a state of the art activity complex with softball, baseball and soccer fields, walking trail, open area, fishing pier, large playground, and the Jack Mann Splash Pad. 
Longview Arboretum & Nature Center
  1. Longview Arboretum
    706 W. Cotton St., Longview, TX
    903-407-0298       Website

  2. The 26 acres along Grace Creek run along the east side of Maude Cobb Convention and Activity Center, adjacent to the JR Curtis Garden for the Blind. Nestled in trees and gentle cliffs, the land sits in the heart of Longview a short car ride from Downtown. 

People swim at Longview Swim Center
  1. Longview Swim Center
    1111 W. Fairmont St., Longvew, TX        
    903-237-1270       Website
  2. The Longview Swim Center is located on Fairmont Street near Pine Tree High School. This outdoor facility includes a six lane race pool with diving board, and a zero depth entry to 4'6" recreational pool with raindrop slide. 
  1. Mobberly Trail
    3297 Tryon Rd., Longview, TX 75605        
    903-663-3100       Website
  2. Located behind Mobberly Baptist Church, this trail has 6.5 miles of hiking and mountain bike trails near a small lake. 
Cute senior couple walks on Paul Boorman Trail
  1. Paul G. Boorman Trail
    919 W. Marshall Ave., Longview, TX 75605        
    903-237-1270       Website
  2. One of the most popular walking trails in Longview, this trail features 2.9 miles of paved trail, restroom, playground, outdoor workout equipment, picnic tables, and a dog park. 
Kids play at Spring Hill Park
  1. Spring Hill Park
    738 Fenton Rd., Longview, TX 75605        
    903-237-1270       Website
  2. Located in the northwest side of town, this park features a pavilion, play area, restrooms, baseball fields, and a splash pad.
Girl in wheelchair swings at Stamper Park
  1. Stamper Park
    400 Fair St. Longview, TX 75605        
    903-237-1270       Website
  2. Stamper Park has many amenities including a picnic area and grill, pavilion, restrooms, baseball fields, softball fields, horseshoe pits, play area, multi-use courts, water fountains, water connection, and a splash pad.
Dogs play at Stragent Dog Park
  1. Stragent Dog Park
    121 Summers Dr., Longview, TX 75605        
    903-237-1270       Website
  2. This 7-acre off-leash park has a fenced area for large dogs and a 2-acre off-leash fenced area for small dogs. Bring your pooch and have a ball!
A fountain sprays water at Teague Park pond
  1. Teague Park and Veterans Plaza
    415 American Legion Blvd., Longview, TX 75605        
    903-237-1270       Website
  2. Located off Hwy. 80, this meaningful park includes veterans monuments, pond, playground, restroom, pavilion and amphitheater. 
Aerial shot of The Green
  1. The Green
    207 S. Spur 63, Longview, TX        
    903-237-1270       Website
  2. One of Longview's newest outdoor venues, The Green includes a picnic area, pavilion, nature play area, musical instruments, hiking/biking trail, restrooms and water features.